Phoenix Bee Removal

Bee Removal

Quality Green Pest Control employs experienced bee removal specialists who are specifically trained to deal effectively and safely with Africanized honey bees.


There is no “cause” for bee swarms and hives, per se, other than the fact that Africanized honey bees and European honey bees live in Arizona. However, you can determine what type of bee infestation you have by determining a few simple things: *Swarms *Beehives


Quality Green Pest Control uses the best, most-effective products on the market for bee control and bee removal services. Depending on the situation, whether the swarm is out in the open or nesting inside a wall or other interior void, we will use the best products for the given situation. We always use environmentally friendly products and, in some situations, we are able to use non-chemical methods to remove the bees.


There is no way to prevent a swarm from landing on your tree, and there is no guaranteed way to prevent a hive from moving into your home. Bees love dark, secure spaces, like the hollow of a dead tree or the space of a wall cavity. There are, however, a few tricks to discourage bees – killer or otherwise – from moving into your house. *Seal the house. *Fill empty spaces. *Screen vents.

What is the best time to eliminate bees?

If it's a honey bee, and you do want to eliminate them, the recommended time is the evening, and may be easier in the early spring/late winter when there are fewer of them.

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