Phoenix Cockroach Removal

Cockroach Removal

Cockroaches are everywhere, and the Phoenix metro area is no exception. There are a variety of ways that cockroach infestations begin based upon the type of cockroach.


The five most common species of cockroaches in Arizona are the American, German, Oriental, Turkestan and Brown banded cockroaches. While all these types of roaches share some similarities, there are important differences among them, and Quality Green Pest Control technicians tailor cockroach treatments to be the most effective for each species.


Many roaches enter homes and buildings from outside, through sewer openings or by hitchhiking in furniture, boxes, electronic equipment and other items brought into the home. Because each cockroach species is different, the cause for each infestation is different.


Our service technicians have both the training and the first-hand experience to correctly identify different types of cockroaches. Properly identifying the roach species is the first step in locating nesting sites and effectively treating the infestation. Once our service technicians determine what kind (or kinds) of roaches you’re dealing with, they will thoroughly inspect your property for nesting sites and apply the proper treatment.


Lack of cleanliness is not necessarily the cause of cockroaches infestations. Roaches are attracted to food sources, which can include everything from cereal to dog food, paper to cardboard boxes. That also makes prevention difficult because you can’t necessarily get rid of everything roaches feed on.

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