Phoenix Mosquito Removal

Mosquito Removal

How is Quality Green Pest Control is effective at controlling Mosquitos when other companies are not?


Only one species of scorpion in the western U.S. has venom that is dangerous to humans, but that one species is the most common scorpion we work with in Arizona: the Arizona Bark Scorpion. Although the Arizona Bark Scorpion is venomous, its sting is the most dangerous to people who have an allergic reaction, and antivenin is widely available in Arizona when needed.


Quality Green Pest Control uses a scientific approach to mosquito management. Our service technicians inspect and treat areas were mosquitos rest and breed – such as under the eaves of your home or dead foliage gathered in the garden or near the house’s foundation.


Mosquito's breed year-round in Phoenix and can breed in the smallest amount of standing water. Dripping outdoor faucets, bird baths, backyard ponds and neglected pools provide the perfect breeding ground for mosquito's while putting them in close proximity to people.

How do you eliminate mosquitoes in soil?

Spray mosquitoes on indoor plants with insecticidal soap. It's a contact killer, so you have to squirt it directly onto the little creatures. Insecticidal soaps may be the perfect bug killers. These products are harmless to most of your indoor plants, but they're deadly to bugs.

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