Phoenix Scorpion Removal

Scorpion Removal

How is Quality Green Pest Control is effective at controlling scorpions when other companies are not?


Only one species of scorpion in the western U.S. has venom that is dangerous to humans, but that one species is the most common scorpion we work with in Arizona: the Arizona Bark Scorpion. Although the Arizona Bark Scorpion is venomous, its sting is the most dangerous to people who have an allergic reaction, and antivenin is widely available in Arizona when needed.


Quality Green Pest Control techniques include training each technician to customize the service to your home using inspection and scorpion control methods that target scorpions at their source, where they nest and breed. Bark scorpions tend to: Hide under rocks and debris. Hide during the day and are active at night. Search for a water source. Like block walls.


Scorpions are often found in homes or commercial buildings in newly developed areas or in neighborhoods where construction is ongoing. Construction disturbs the scorpions’ natural habitat, so they seek refuge elsewhere – including in your home or building. However, scorpion infestations can also happen in established neighborhoods without any obvious cause. Once they’ve moved into an area, they can be very difficult to get rid of. Although property owners can treat and seal their own homes, the scorpions will likely just move to a neighbor’s house.


Remove their refuge: Remove piles of debris, wood or rock out of the yard. Seal the house: Caulk cracks and openings around doors, windows and screens. Keeping them outside through effective exclusion is an important part of reducing the likelihood of them getting inside the home. Blue Sky does provide home sealing services. Remove unneeded boxes and other items from the home and garage: We want to remove any nesting and breeding sites. Keeping the garage tidy can make a big difference.

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Our professional Phoenix pest exterminators are trained specialists who will give Prompt Estimates in the greater Phoenix area. Unlike most pest control companies in Phoenix, AZ, our trusted technicians follow specific steps when assessing your pest problems so we can recommend the right type of pest control methods. Call now to talk to one of our pest control experts so that we can come out and help you get rid of those pesky pests