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How is Quality Green Pest Control is effective at controlling Spiders when other companies are not?

Spider Control

The black widow can be identified by a red or orange hourglass-shaped marking on its body. Its bite is not always fatal. It can however make one very sick for almost two days, and symptoms from the toxin – which include muscular pain and swelling – can go on for a month or more.


Quality Green Pest Control technicians take multiple steps in our general treatment approach to rid your home of unwanted spiders. We knock-down visible webs in the eaves and around patio furniture, which will help to control infestations. We treat in the corners, the foundation at the lip of the stucco homes, the base of plants, river rock close to the home, the base of the block wall and in the eaves.


Spider infestations can have multiple causes. Most commonly, spiders are seeking food sources. Their diet consists of insects, which may be attracted by light, moisture or food scraps, and those insects may in turn attract spiders. Spiders also seek shelter in rock and wood piles as well as in bushes and ornamental vegetation.


The first thing you should do is knock down any spider webs that may exist, especially those close to the building, and be vigilant in checking for new webs every week or so. Making certain that all the cracks in your home are sealed up will prevent spiders from entering. Another way to discourage spiders is to deal with the other pests they feed on. Minimize outdoor lighting at night or use yellow-colored bulbs that are less attractive than white light.

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