Phoenix Tick Removal

Tick Removal

How is Quality Green Pest Control is effective at controlling Ticks when other companies are not?

How To Check For Ticks

Step 1 Head straight for your bathroom and strip off all your clothes. Toss them in a dry bathtub. This keeps any critters crawling across the bathroom floor. Just because they aren't on you, doesn't mean they won't find you later in they are out crawling around. Step 2 Check your hair first. If you have long hair , take it down. Run your fingers flat against your scalp and over your entire head. Hold your fingers together and use both hands. Touch the entire surface area of your scalp. Feel for small bumps or objects against your head. It helps to have a partner assist you in the search through your hair, making sure to part the hair in sections while checking thoroughly. Step 3 Comb your hair. Hopefully you didn't find any ticks attached to your head, but they could still be around. Use a small-toothed comb and thoroughly comb through all of your hair. If your hair is long, pull it up when you're finished.

Tick Prevention

*If at all possible, avoid known tick habitats during tick season. *Avoid sitting on the ground or logs in areas with brush and long grass. *Keep grass cut short and repair any cracks and crevices where ticks may be hiding. *Remove leaf litter *Dispose empty bird or rodent nesting materials (since ticks infest these materials) *Use a tick repellent on clothing and tick repellents. *Even with these repellents, you should check your bodies closely twice a day and remove them if you are in a tick infested areas.

What are the types of ticks

While you naturally want to stay away from all ticks, there are differences among them, especially with respect to the type of diseases they can spread. We can perform a full tick inspection in your home or business to identify any and all ticks that might be in your building or surrounding property. Possible types include: American Dog Tick, Soft-Bodied Tick and Brown Dog Tick.

How should I cure a tick bite?

1. Remove the tick promptly and carefully. Use fine-tipped forceps or tweezers to grasp the tick as close to your skin as possible. ... 2. If possible, seal the tick in a container. Put the container in a freezer. ... 3. Wash your hands and the bite site. Use warm water and soap, rubbing alcohol, or an iodine scrub.

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